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Trumpet Lessons

Dr. John Falskow teaches individual and group lessons on trumpet, and other brass instruments.  If you are interested in building skills, developing musicianship, and learning from a variety of music materials - studies with Falskow are for you!  From beginners through driven professionals - Falskow has helped a variety of brass musicians grow.


Dr. Falskow is an experienced and successful trumpet and brass instrument teacher for 30 years.  He has taught students of all ages - 3rd grade through retirees.  Falskow has taught in middle school, high school, and college settings, as well as worked with adult amateurand professional musicians.  In addition to years of experience, Falskow holds a Ph.D. in Music Education from Florida State University.


Past students have often earned accolades, including:  All-Northwest and All-State Ensembles, Regional and State Honor Bands, local youth symphony positions, college scholarships, and superior ratings at local and state solo/ensemble performances.

Please contact Falskow if you are interested scheduling lessons.

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